EDI Taskforce

The goal of the EDI Taskforce is to advance EDI principles by identifying systemic barriers to faculty, staff, and student inclusion, while proposing strategies to eliminate these barriers. With the collaboration with the EDI Consultant, the Taskforce will be involved in:

  • Developing a position statement on anti-racism and shared definitions of equity, diversity, inclusion at King's.
  • Conducting an assessment of faculty, staff and student perceptions of diversity and inclusion.
  • Conducting an equity audit and review of King's policies, practices and processes.
  • Proposing recommendations for sustainable action and a long-term strategy that will foster inclusivity and an anti-racist culture reflected in King's policy and practice.



  • EDI Taskforce Executive Sponsor: Dr. Melanie Humphreys (President, The Kings University)
  • EDI Taskforce Co-Chair: Osayi Ogieva (Independent EDI Consultant)
  • EDI Taskforce Co-Chair: Dr. Jennifer Braun (Assistant Professor of Sociology, The Kings University)

Campus Climate

  • Martha Edafiaga (Student, Faculty of Natural Science)
  • Daniel Medema (Student, Faculty of Social Science)
  • Ting Elger (Administrative Assistant, Development)
  • Grace Scott (Director, Athletics)
  • Glenn Keeler (Associate Vice President, Institutional Research)
  • Raymond Klassen (Director of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Climate Communication

  • Adrian Bajaro (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Honour Temple (Student, Faculty of Natural Science)
  • Courtney Radatz (International Recruitment and Advising Coordinator)
  • Megan Viens (Dean of Students)
  • Suwadhini Pathmanathan (Alumni; Staff, Facilities)
  • Jacqueline Filipek (Assistant Professor of Education)
  • John Mueller (Dean of Business)

Equity and Inclusion: Students

  • Ashley Chinyemba (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Isaac Gund (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Nadina KaminerĀ 
  • Minji Kang (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Desernique Ricketts (Student, Faculty of Natural Science)
  • Regina Dizon (Intercultural Program Coordinator)
  • Tim Wood (Campus Minister)

Equity and Inclusion: Faculty and Staff

  • Bonita Bjornson (Senior Library Technician)
  • Michelle Nguyen (Admissions Counsellor)
  • Trina Wilslon-Orieux (Director, Human Resources)
  • Jennifer Braun (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
  • Kris Ooms (Vice President Academic; Professor of Chemistry)
  • Glory Ovie (Assistant Professor of Education)


  • Neil DeRoo (Associate Professor of Philosophy)
  • Cindy Slupsky (Laboratory Coordinator and Instructor, Chemistry)
  • William Van Arragon (Dean of Arts; Associate Professor of History)
  • Brenda Bourque Stratichuk (Board Member)

Taskforce Newsletter

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