The EDI Taskforce releases a news bulletins on items such as updates on taskforce membership, group training, initiatives, and upcoming meetings. For more information on the taskforce, subscribe for Newsletter updates.

EDI Taskforce Updates

Spring EDI Taskforce Update

Posted on: May 25, 2021

The EDI task force officially began on November 26, 2020, with 33 members selected using an intersectional approach to ensure diverse representation. These members include students, staff, faculty, leadership,…

Early 2021 Action Items

Posted on: Mar 02, 2021

Campus Climate Assessment A survey was sent out to the King’s email of all Faculty, Staff and Students on January 18. Without participation, we will not be able to develop a plan for institutional change…

Group Training: November 2020 – January 2021

Posted on: Mar 02, 2021

November: Unconscious Bias The first Taskforce meeting included introductions and a very educational lecture about Unconscious Bias provided by Osayi Ogieva. Topics covered included what bias is, what…

Introducing the EDI Taskforce: Leadership and Membership

Posted on: Mar 02, 2021

EDI Consultant and Co-Chair Osayi Ogieva (left) and Co-Chair Dr. Jennifer Braun (right) Leadership EDI Consultant and Co-Chair Osayi Ogieva comes with eight years of progressive experience in equity,…