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Introducing the EDI Taskforce: Leadership and Membership

Mar 02, 2021

EDI Consultant and Co-Chair Osayi Ogieva (left) and Co-Chair Dr. Jennifer Braun (right)

EDI Consultant and Co-Chair Osayi Ogieva (left) and Co-Chair Dr. Jennifer Braun (right)


EDI Consultant and Co-Chair Osayi Ogieva comes with eight years of progressive experience in equity, diversity and inclusion and is a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional. She is passionate about improving experiences of minority groups by creating inclusive and safe environments through collaboration and consultation with the identified groups.

Osayi holds a BSc. degree in Microbiology and a Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree. Her wealth of experience spans across community service organizations, healthcare, religious institutions, and educational institutions. She has expertise in stakeholder engagement and consultation, facilitation, setting up advisory groups, conducting EDI reviews on policies and programs, and curriculum design and development. Campus Climate Climate Communication Equity: Students Equity: Faculty/Staff Definitions Martha Edafiaga Daniel Medema Ting Elger Grace Scott Glenn Keeler Raymond Klassen Adrian Bajaro Honour Temple Courtney Radatz Megan Viens Suwadhini Pathmanathan Jacqueline Filipek John Mueller Ashley Chinyemba Isaac Gund Nadina Kaminer Minji Kang Desernique Ricketts Regina Dizon Tim Wood Bonita Bjornson Michelle Nguyen Trina Wilslon-Orieux Jennifer Braun Kris Ooms Glory Ovie Neil DeRoo Cindy Slupsky William Van Arragon Brenda Bourque Stratichuk She is a public speaker and has been invited to speak at conferences on a variety of topics including power, privilege, intersectionality, cultural competency, and cultural safety.

Osayi Ogieva is a Pentecostal and is very involved in her church community in North Edmonton. She is also a Christian writer and author, and published her first book, "You are Never Alone" in 2017. Osayi regularly runs the "Caterpillars to Butterflies" program, which encourages and empowers hurting people with the spiritual tools to break free from emotional pain.

Co-Chair Dr. Jennifer Braun is an assistant professor of Sociology at the King’s University. Her major research interests include women in leadership, gender and agriculture, as well as state funding for immigration in Canada. Jennifer received her PhD from the University of Alberta’s department of Sociology in 2019. Dr. Braun is the current chair of the board of directors for the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. In her time there she has worked extensively on issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in board governance policy and practices. She has served as mentor and volunteer for the Girls20 ‘Girls on Boards’ initiative. She is also the current faculty advisor for the student group SPEAK at The King’s University. Jennifer is passionate about all matters pertaining to equity, diversity and inclusion and is excited to be co-chairing the EDI taskforce alongside Osayi Ogieva!

Working Groups

The Taskforce has now met three times to enable growth and understanding in EDI issues among the Taskforce members. Smaller subgroups, or working groups, have been working within the taskforce to begin the process campus climate assessment and equity audits on various policies.

Campus Climate

  • Martha Edafiaga (Student, Faculty of Natural Science)
  • Daniel Medema (Student, Faculty of Social Science)
  • Ting Elger (Administrative Assistant, Development)
  • Grace Scott (Director, Athletics)
  • Glenn Keeler (Associate Vice President, Institutional Research)
  • Raymond Klassen (Director of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Climate Communication

  • Adrian Bajaro (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Honour Temple (Student, Faculty of Natural Science)
  • Courtney Radatz (International Recruitment and Advising Coordinator)
  • Megan Viens (Dean of Students)
  • Suwadhini Pathmanathan (Alumni; Staff, Facilities)
  • Jacqueline Filipek (Assistant Professor of Education)
  • John Mueller (Dean of Business)

Equity and Inclusion: Students

  • Ashley Chinyemba (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Isaac Gund (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Nadina Kaminer 
  • Minji Kang (Student, Faculty of Arts)
  • Desernique Ricketts (Student, Faculty of Natural Science)
  • Regina Dizon (Intercultural Program Coordinator)
  • Tim Wood (Campus Minister)

Equity and Inclusion: Faculty and Staff

  • Bonita Bjornson (Senior Library Technician)
  • Michelle Nguyen (Admissions Counsellor)
  • Trina Wilslon-Orieux (Director, Human Resources)
  • Jennifer Braun (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
  • Kris Ooms (Vice President Academic; Professor of Chemistry)
  • Glory Ovie (Assistant Professor of Education)


  • Neil DeRoo (Associate Professor of Philosophy)
  • Cindy Slupsky (Laboratory Coordinator and Instructor, Chemistry)
  • William Van Arragon (Dean of Arts; Associate Professor of History)
  • Brenda Bourque Stratichuk (Board Member)