President's Council

The President’s Council provides leadership to the university under the overall guidance of the President. The President’s Council works to:

  • Ensure that the university successfully meets its Board-approved mission and strategic direction;
  • Provide input, council and leadership for institution-level policy decisions;
  • Integrate and model the university’s values throughout the institution;
  • Enable and empower successful leadership at all levels of the university through timely and coordinated communication.      

President’s Council members
*member of Cabinet

Melanie Humphreys, PhD, President*
Allen Verbeek, Associate Vice-President Enrolment Management and Registrar
Colborne Kemna, Students’ Association President
Dan VanKeeken, Vice President Institutional Advancement*
Darcy Visscher, PhD, Faculty representative
Ellen Vlieg-Paquette, Vice President Admin & Finance*
Glenn Keeler, Associate Vice-President Institutional Research
Grace Scott, Director, Athletics
Hank Bestman, PhD, Vice President Academic & Research*
Judy Wach, Executive Assistant to the President*
Michael Ferber PhD, Vice President Student Life & Dean of Students*
Ryan Young, Dean’s Council representative
Sonya Jongsma Knauss, Director, University Relations
Trina Wilson Orieux, Director, Human Resources