Statement on Inclusion

The King’s University has a new Statement of Inclusion, recently passed by its Board of Governors, after more than a year of work and discussion by faculty, staff, students, and leadership. The statement provides clarity on King’s unique missional Christian role in Canada’s higher education scene. Simply stated:  Everyone is welcome here.

King’s Statement of Inclusion

The King’s University (King’s) believes that all people are worthy of respect. Our faculty, staff, and Board of Governors are committed Christians and affirm Christ’s call to love others as we love ourselves. Held by this strong foundation, we consciously cultivate a safe, inclusive environment of mutual respect, where all may belong and flourish.

We are committed to equity of access and opportunity for all our students, faculty, and staff in keeping with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act. King’s accepts all students who qualify academically and we are deeply committed to serving all students who attend our university.

Why have a statement on inclusion?

King's broader mission, opens our doors to students from any background and is a key component to the missional work happening here every day. We work hard to create a healthy place for Christian students (from every denominational background) to grow and be challenged and for non-Christian students to be introduced to the hope of the gospel.

The statement above is important for all students as they learn to navigate diversity in ways which will serve them well; in their communities, churches, and highly diverse workplaces. More importantly, this statement provides underrepresented groups in our student population with security to engage in academic studies to the fullest of their abilities.

At King's, we believe the role of a Christian university is to engage in discussions on important topics and challenging issues, not to take political or doctrinal positions. We do not have official institutional positions on many issues, such as marriage, divorce, sexual orientation, politics, etc.

We recognize that committed Christians within our community have a wide range of views on many important issues of the day and that these come from deeply held beliefs and lived experiences. This is also true at King’s, where Christian faculty, staff, and students hold a wide range of views on many issues, including LGTBQ2+ concerns. We welcome dialogue on all views, including this statement.