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Solar Power Project

Dec 07, 2018

In the spring of 2018, The King’s University completed installation of our first solar photovoltaic system to generate our own clean and sustainable electricity on campus. The cost of the 53-kWH project with a total of 160 solar panels was subsidized 50% by Federal Government infrastructure funding and 25% Alberta Government funding. Because of the high level of grant money utilized on this project, payback on money invested by the University has been reduced from ~ 16 years to ~ 4 years on the solar project, which is an excellent return window. This solar project reduces our reliance on fossil fuels by about 3.75% of our total usage. The University already purchases 5% of its power requirements in the form of green energy from Enmax, our power service provider. At this time a total of 8.75% of our power is green sustainable power.

The solar PV project came on line on May 1, 2018. To date (end of November) we have harvested 35.48 MWh and reduced CO2 emissions by 13,908.29 Kg over the 6-month period.

“I’m excited to add onto this solar photo voltaic project further with a pending phase II and achieve over 12.5% reliance on non-fossil fuel sources”, said Director of Facilities, Rob VanWeerden.

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