Email client set-up

Accessing your King's email account

Whether you are a student or staff member, you will have a King's email account. 

There are multiple ways that you can access it:

1) Visit Webmail
2) Use the Microsoft Outlook client on any campus workstation by logging in with your network account
3) Set up your email account on a personal workstation (Mac or PC**)
4) Set up your email account on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet

As long as your email client supports an account type of "Exchange" or "Enterprise", you can configure your King's email on it. While different vendors and operating systems will have different steps to initiate an account configuration, the information that you will need to provide will generally be the same:

  Staff Students
Username firstinitiallastname studentID
Password Your network password
Domain KINGS
Email Server
Description* King's email

* Description: Please note that this field is user-set, and does not have a right or wrong value. The value supplied is an example

**For Outlook clients, we recommend using versions 2007 and up, as previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and may not work when setting up you email client.

***Outlook Express is not supported.

Need help?

The King's University Information Technology Services department can always help you if you require assistance with setting up your email.

You can reach us via email or call us at (780) 465-8324.

Alternatively, visit them in office A139 (down the corridor from Student Life).