Print Services

The King's University offers 24/7 printing services to three printers on campus. Students can print to any one of the following printers using their personal computers:

  • Main Campus Library (Library Hours only)
  • Outside Enrolment Services Office
  • Tower 701 Lounge 
  • Apartments Main Lounge 

*In order to use print services on campus, you must be connected to one of the campus wireless or wired networks
**Requests for RezNet connections must be sent to Help Desk first.


Setting Up Printing on your Personal Device

Access On-Campus Print Service

Printing from your personal devices has never been easier.
The King’s University has transitioned to PaperCut as its printing services solutions, so use of the pCounter application and Xerox drivers on your machines is no longer necessary.
First and foremost, let’s get started with the main print services user interface by following: (we recommend bookmarking it for later use)

Log in with your King’s University login

This is your print services user portal (you can also access it from any university computer by clicking “Details...” on the print balance popup window)

You can view account information, print job history, release any jobs currently held in the Master Student Queue as well as submit web print jobs.

Printing a File

1. To submit a web print job, click on the “Web Print” link on the left hand menu:







2. The Active Jobs screen will come up, here you can check the status of submitted web print jobs.

3. Click the “Submit a Job” link to start the Web Print wizard

4. The first step of the Web Print wizard is selecting a printer. This is the printer to which the uploaded document will print. Notice that the Library and hallway printers both have an Automatic Color and Grayscale option available at the time of printer selection. All printers are set to print in duplex mode.

  1. Select the number of copies you wish to print (at the current time, no other options such as finishing options, color settings or duplex settings can be changed; please use the printer selection to affect the output settings in the previous step)
  2. The final step in the Web Print wizard is to upload a document to print. This page lists the applications and associated file extensions that are supported.

7.Once the document upload is complete, the user is returned to the front Web Print The table displays the status of the user's job. The status changes to indicate the progress of the job from rendering to printing, and job details such as cost and number of pages are populated when known. The user can stay at this page to track the status of the job, or navigate away / close their browser - the job is not affected.