Using Webmail

Access Webmail Here  (or find it in the Quick Links section under 'Current Students')

Note: if you have already accessed Moodle, or logged-on to a campus computer, your User name and Password for Webmail will be the same as those.

If you have never before accessed Webmail, Moodle, or a campus computer, you must do the following:

  1. The first time you access Webmail, the following info is required:
    • User name: your student ID (6 digits)
    • Password: the year, month and day of your birth followed by the last 4 digits of your home phone number (YYYY/MM/DD/PPPP)
  2. Next, you will be prompted to change your password, which will now act as your permanent password.
  3. This User name/Password combo allows you to access any public computer on campus, your King's email, Moodle, and lets you unlock the printers when you don’t have your student card handy.

What is my King's webmail address? (for students)

Forwarding Your King's Email