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Why King's? Check out our 2017 - 2018 ViewBook to find out! Discover our world-class academic programs; athletic, travel, and extra-curricular opportunities; and the kind of student lifestyle you can live while enrolled at King's. 



Learn about the opportunities and resources available to help you pay for school at King's.

Money for School

Right, so you've decided The King's University is an amazing place, but... "how am I going to pay for it?" Most students find paying for university challenging. Luckily there are a ton of resources and programs available to make paying for school a little easier.

Adventure Guide

You're admitted--congrats!!! Your adventure is just beginning. Discover more about what your King's experience will be like now that you're a student.

King's offers the Leder School of Business to prepare students for success with faith-based courses.

Leder School of Business

Located within The King's University, the Leder School of Business is a Christian business school offering a full array of courses and specializations designed to prepare students for success in a changing world.