Environmental studies student, Muriel Hogarth
Environmental studies student, Muriel Hogarth
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Building a More Sustainable World Through Passion and Practical Skills

At King's, Muriel found a community of learning and growth, and discovered a university committed to building a more sustainable world.

Building a more sustainable world is part of the mission and vision of The King’s University. King’s students engage in deep conversations about sustainability and the environment in their classes that continue beyond their studies at King’s. That's exactly what King’s student, Muriel Hogarth and  alumna, Alex Velsink-Middel, discovered.

Muriel Hogarth is currently in her 5th and final year of her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. She first chose the ENVS program at King’s after her experience in ENVS 200 and Physical Geography where she dove into the history of sustainable development and explored how society can take action to reverse harm and improve sustainability.

“I’ve always had a passion for the environment. While at King’s, something clicked in me that my hobby could become a vocation,” says Muriel. “When in nature, I feel as if I can fully breathe, I feel at ease, and to me, that feeling is something I don’t want anyone taking away from me or my future children.” 

A highlight for Muriel is the community of learning and growth she found during her studies. Here, her cohort and professors are knowledgeable and passionate about the same things she is. “They have helped me grow and deepen my love for the environment because I see how much passion they have for it too,” explains Muriel.

Alumna, Alex Velsink-Middel (B.Sc. ’19), was first inspired to pursue a career in the environment following her experience on a conservation biology field trip to Canmore and Banff. Here Alex and other King’s students studied the intersection between municipal planning, fire and flood mitigation, and wildlife corridors. This encouraged Alex to enter the ENVS program with a concentration in Biology, while also completing a Certificate of Education and the Environment. Following graduation, Alex began working with the City of Edmonton as a Waste Reduction Program Specialist and Waste Education Program Specialist.

“King’s has given me practical skills for the work force. I feel well equipped to handle social, cultural and environmental issues because of the ENVS program,” says Alex.

Much of her work now focuses on educating others about waste management, particularly grade 4 students as it is part of the Alberta elementary science curriculum. “I really value working for the city because I can continue to learn new skills and take on more responsibility,” explains Alex. With the hope of studying links between feminism and spatial planning, Alex is excitedly applying to Masters Programs in The Netherlands in Environment and Resource Management.

For more information about the Environmental Studies program at King’s visit ENVS – Humanities and Social Sciences or ENVS – Natural and Applied Sciences.


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