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Edmonton visionaries video series features King’s professor

Chemistry professor Dr. Mahaffy talks about the connections between atoms and the entirety of the world as part of a video campaign produced by Onlea.

Dr. Peter Mahaffy
Dr. Peter Mahaffy

If you had the opportunity, what would you teach the world?

This question was posed to The King's University chemistry professor and 3M fellow Peter Mahaffy, who was selected to be part of a video series featuring Edmonton-area teachers, thought leaders, and visionaries. The video, produced by Onlea, premiers July 17 and is part of a larger campaign called, “What will you teach the world?”

Mahaffy chose to explore the connections between atoms and the entirety of the world around us in his video, from the life cycle of plants to the lungs of Nobel laureates. Mahaffy believes that learning is only strengthened when various disciplines and learning communities work together and share knowledge—from chemistry and arts, to psychology and business.

“Our learning community at King’s treasures helping students uncover connections across disciplines and learning how to build understanding that can help the world groan a little less and sing a little more,” Mahaffy says.

Listen in as Mahaffy shares a synthesized bite of the complex, interconnected world of atoms. 


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