Witty Sandle (left) and Dr. Tetyana Khramova (right) are at the heart of vocational counselling, and job search and internship advice.
Witty Sandle (left) and Dr. Tetyana Khramova (right) are at the heart of vocational counselling, and job search and internship advice.
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New Centre for Career and Calling to equip students and alumni to pursue a better world

“The King’s Centre for Career and Calling helps students and alumni discern God’s call upon their lives. It equips them to understand themselves, make meaning of their experiences, and explore pathways to purposeful work in service of a more just, humane, and sustainable world.”

This fall marked the launch of King’s brand new career and vocation office, where Witty Sandle and Dr. Tetyana Khramova are at the heart of vocational counselling and job search and internship advice.

The Centre is primarily geared towards serving the needs of current students and alumni, guiding them towards careers and graduate studies. The hope is also to grow relationships with employers and community partners and to be a resource for staff and faculty, working in partnership to serve students.

“Conversations about a student’s future do not only happen in career offices,” says Witty Sandle, Manager of the Career and Calling Centre. “Our goal is to be facilitators and equippers to enable others to confidently help students and alumni navigate questions of vocation.”

Sandle’s role involves meeting with students to explore how personal interests and values intersect with academic choices and possible careers, making sense of opportunities, and creating a safe, non-judgmental space in which students can consider how to live a more purposeful and meaningful life. “I sum up my specific calling as one where I inspire and help others discover all they are called to be,” Witty says.

Tetyana Khramova teaches and coordinates Business Internship and Computing Science Practicum courses, guiding students through a combination of lectures and one-on-one sessions. “It is very inspirational to see students engaged in establishing career development skills, getting out of their shells, learning how to present themselves to the professional world, and becoming more confident about their futures,” she says. Khramova meets with students to provide job search and internship advice that equips them to craft resumes, prepare for interviews, learn from previous work experiences, and make sense of occupational-specific information.

Together, Khramova and Sandle seek to develop a unique service for the King’s community and equip students to make well-informed decisions about the future.

The vision for the Career and Calling Centre is to see students and alumni have a sense of their callings as they navigate their lives, to help them develop skills of discernment and the ability to grapple with questions of vocation as they relate to identity and purpose. “In Christian terms, I want students to understand their core identity in Christ so they can listen wisely to the whispers of the Spirit and its nudges of direction,” Sandle explains. “I believe that all of us are spiritual beings, wired to respond to something beyond ourselves, regardless of our religious traditions or lack thereof. I want all students to understand themselves so they can go and serve their corner of the world out of the abundance of who they are. Howard Thurman, the African American educator, civil rights activist, theologian and philosopher, once said, ‘Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’ I want King’s Career Centre to help students come alive so they can serve our world.”


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