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Inmates Complete King's Courses for the First Time

For the first time, federally-incarcerated Canadians have completed accredited King’s courses in physics, math, English, history, philosophy and theology through a program called The Ephesus Project.

“This work deeply matters to us, it deeply changes us,” explains Dr. Arlette Zinck. “The teaching is rooted in the Matthew 25 call to ‘visit the prisoner.’ My colleagues and I consistently come into contact with engaged, grateful, and capable learners.”

This milestone follows years of relationship- building between PSPEF, Correctional Services Canada, and other universities. Professors volunteer to teach incarcerated learners in person or via correspondence when students move to medium security institutions across Canada. PSPEF is a branch of the Canadian registered charity, Book Club for Inmates.


King's Welcomes New Faculty
Posted on: Apr 26, 2021

King's Welcomes New Faculty

The King’s University would like to extend a warm welcome to five new professors who will be taking on faculty positions starting this September. These scholars bring a wealth of diverse experiences…