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New interdisciplinary science program approved by Alberta Government

September 2021 will see the introduction of a new program at King’s—Interdisciplinary Science (I.Sci). Approved by the Government of Alberta last fall, this flexible 4-year Bachelor of Science major will allow students to specialize in any of King’s existing science concentrations in addition to new B.Sc. concentrations in kinesiology, psychology, and mathematics. The make up of the I.Sci program will allow students to focus on collaboration between disciplines, such as chemical biology, computational chemistry, and mathematical biology.

I.Sci has been designed to help students think critically about problems from diverse scientific perspectives and is particularly geared toward graduates looking to pursue professional programs in the clinical health sciences—such as medicine, optometry, and nursing—and those looking to enter the workforce directly after graduation. The program also allows aspiring science teachers to easily complete teachable majors and minors within the course of their degree prior to entering the after-degree program in Education.

“The I.Sci program is a fantastic addition to our science offerings. It provides new flexibility in the sciences, letting students combine perspectives from two or more scientific disciplines to find new insights and build new connections,” remarks I.Sci program director, Dr. Rem Kooistra. “The program serves a wide set of interests in the sciences and sets up a variety of future career paths. It deepens King’s commitment to equip students to be agents of change in the world.”


New micro-credential courses underway for King’s
Posted on: Nov 15, 2022

New micro-credential courses underway for King’s

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