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King's Participates in ICS Led Undergraduate Workshop, Joint Course

Taking a tour of ICS
Taking a tour of ICS

On May 23-25, 2019 The King’s University participated in the Institute for Christian Studies’ (ICS) third annual undergraduate workshop. ICS invited undergraduate students from around the world to visit their campus in Toronto to get a taste of graduate education. Students from King’s were joined by ten other undergraduate presenters from Greenville University, Canadian Mennonite University, Cornerstone University, Memorial University Newfoundland, and Georgetown University in Qatar. 

Students presented their own academic research as it related to the theme of this year's workshop: God & Politics: Religion and Public Life in the 21st Century. Paper topics ranged from a deep engagement with Indigenous writers thinking about the practice and possibility of "nation-to-nation" sovereignty in Canada today to a historical narrative study of the work and life of Saint Oscar Romero from El Salvador; from a critical study of the Minjung liberation theology movement in Korea to a thorough exploration of Immanuel Kant's reading of the ethical and moral implications of the story of Abraham and Isaac. 

Students from King’s displayed a remarkable depth of research ability and an admirable aptitude to respond to hard-hitting questions.

The workshop occurred in conjunction with a summer intensive course titled “To the Unknown God”: Paul and Some Philosophers. ICS and The King's University joined together to offer this course which included a preparatory reading portion, participation in the workshop, and an intensive week of classes. During the course, students read a number of philosophers who consider the writings of the Apostle Paul and their relevance to contemporary political questions. The course was led by ICS President and Senior Member in Philosophy of Religion, Dr. Ronald A. Kuipers and King's Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Jeffrey Dudiak.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside the Institute for Christian Studies and look forward to future shared learning opportunities like these ones.

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