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King's welcomes new faculty

The King’s University would like to extend a warm welcome to five new professors who will be taking on faculty positions starting this September. These scholars bring a wealth of diverse experiences to King’s, and will further the university’s dedication to Christian scholarship and commitment to building a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Dr. Ben Cameron, Assistant Professor of Computing Science

Dr. Ben Cameron received his PhD from Dalhousie University in 2019 and joins the Computing Science department with a background in mathematics. His specialization and research interests centre around structural graph theory and combinatorial generation. Cameron’s current research focuses on independence polynomials and unicyclic and bicyclic graphs.

Dr. Shingirai Mandizadza, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Shingirai Mandizadza was a sessional instructor at King’s during the 2020-2021 academic year. She completed her PhD at the University of Alberta in 2020 and specializes in gender and land rights in her home country of Zimbabwe. Her research interests include the political economy of rural development, land and natural resources governance, gender, indigenous resource rights, livelihoods, and self-determination.

Dr. Caitlynd Myburgh, Assistant Professor of Biology and Kinesiology

Dr. Caitlynd Myburgh received her PhD from North-West University in 2019 and comes to King’s from South Africa with research interests and specialization in cardiovascular physiology and oxidative stress in vulnerable cohorts. Her current research looks at the link between oxidative stress and cardiovascular measures, such as blood pressure and vascular stiffness, in pregnant women, and whether there is any connection to the health of their babies.

Andrew Rillera, Assistant Professor of Theology

Originally from southern California, Andrew Rillera is completing his PhD at Duke University with a specialization in the New Testament authors’ attitudes and practices related to Jew-gentile relations in the church, especially in Paul’s work. In particular, Rillera is interested in exploring the significance this might have for Christians in addressing contemporary issues surrounding ethnicity and race.

Cassidy VanderSchee, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Cassidy VanderSchee is a King’s alumna and is currently completing her PhD at McGill University. She returns to King’s to teach with a specialization in spectroscopy and training in x-ray techniques. Her research interests and current projects focus on metal accumulation, especially tungsten, in bone.



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