New solar array on top of central academic building.
New solar array on top of central academic building.
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Solar field and roof replacement project now completed

The King’s University is excited to announce the completion of its solar field and roof replacement project. The project was jointly funded by The King’s University and the Government of Canada.

The $615,000 initiative involved a complete re-roofing of the central academic and fine arts buildings, as well as a re-roofing of the campus library and the installation of a large solar field.

“We’re grateful the Federal government sees such value in supporting Canadian post-secondary institutions and the role they play in training young adults for future careers.” says Ralph Troschke, Vice President Finance & Operations at King’s.

The project used SBS torch on membrane which brought the insulation rating of the roof from R-10 to R-40. The solar array generates power for King’s own use and also allows for generated energy to be sold back to the grid. The field is expandable and King’s will consider growing it in future years. Together, the infrastructure improvements improve King’s environmental footprint and lower its annual facility operating costs.


King's Welcomes New Board Chair Robert Huizinga
Posted on: Aug 24, 2021

King's Welcomes New Board Chair Robert Huizinga

The King’s University is pleased to introduce its new board chair, Dr. Robert Huizinga. Huizinga is the Executive Vice President of Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc., based in Victoria BC, and is responsible…