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Students getting into the Christmas spirit of giving

As the holiday season approaches, students are taking time to give back.

One group of students has teamed up with The Micah Centre and the Student Association to start a fundraising campaign that will support communities around the world! Donations are being made through World Renew’s Uzima Gift Catalogue to purchase ducks, chickens, and beekeeping equipment for communities in Kenya, India, Bangladesh, and Uganda.

Kayla Boone, the student behind this fundraiser, selected ducks and chickens from the catalogue “for their ability to produce a lot through their eggs, meat, and manure.”

To make things a little more interesting, the students have challenged faculty and staff members to a friendly competition. This way everyone can get involved. The challenge is simple: the side that ends up with the biggest ‘farmyard’ wins. The students started off the competition with a big lead over the faculty and staff. However, staff/faculty have recently taken the lead — but they’re only ahead by $15.

At the end of the semester, the numbers will be tallied up to see which group has donated more. However, in the end, sustainable livelihoods are being built around the world — no matter who wins.

When asked about the importance of sustainable livelihoods, Boone responded,

“Helping to build sustainable livelihoods is important because doing so promotes the health of an individual, their family, and their community. By giving a chicken, duck, or beehive smoker, we invest in someone's future and, through that, we state that we believe in their ability to provide for themselves and others. There are many benefits of investing in a sustainable gift because it promotes dignity, encourages education, as well as helps the local community and economy.”

Another student group, The King’s Helping Hands, has also gotten into the giving spirit. This group of students got together to make a difference in Edmonton by handing out winter supplies to the homeless.

On the evening of November 22, The King’s Helping Hands held a “Bags of Hope Packing Party”. During this event, students packed backpacks full of essential winter supplies such as: socks, underwear, toques, scarves, granola bars, and bus tickets. Once the bags were full of supplies, the group gave the backpacks to the Bags of Hope Centre where they will be handed out to individuals along with a Christmas dinner.

Thanks to The King’s Helping Hands, and to the King’s community, who donated the winter supplies, 33 bags were packed.


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