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The Delegate from King's Has the Floor

Ten Politics-History-Economics (PHE) students from King’s filed into Kule Theatre at MacEwan University on March 2 to take part in the 2019 Model United Nations (UN) Conference. Students from across Alberta represented 38 nations for a two-day mock debate on nuclear disarmament.

“It was a really well-organized event. This was the first year King’s students have taken part,” says history professor Dr. Mark Sandle.

The 10 students from King’s represented Brazil, China, Cuba, and Poland. The group representing Brazil, including three students from King’s, won best delegation.

Students had to thoroughly prepare leading up to the event by familiarizing themselves with National Model UN (NMUN) rules and reviewing resources on nuclear disarmament policies. Students were also required to write their resolutions to conform with NMUN guidelines.

Ben Oostenbrink (B.A. ‘21), was one of the winning participants from King’s.

“It was an incredible experience and couldn’t have turned out better,” he says. “It was a great opportunity to practice negotiating. We spent a lot of time preparing and it was rewarding to see that the other delegations were also well-prepared. It was interesting to put aside individual stances regarding nuclear disarmament, and represent Brazilian interests and foreign policy.”

The event included a keynote address from the Honourable Douglas Roche, O.C., former senator and Canadian Ambassador to the UN Disarmament Commission.

“It was an amazing experience and they all loved it. We will definitely do it again!” says Sandle.


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