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United by the Army, Inspired by King’s

Rosendaal, Bystrom, and Apomah
Rosendaal, Bystrom, and Apomah

On May 14, 2018 seven officers in the Canadian Forces Reserves attended a lengthy officer course at the Mewata Armories in Calgary, AB. One of the prerequisites for the course was a handwritten biography from each of us. As we sat down to write and interact with each other for the first time on day one, coming from all over the province, we were amazed that three of the officers were alumni of The King's University or current students: 2nd Lieutenant Peter Rosendaal (B.A. '96), 2nd Lieutenant Kwabena Apomah (B.Com. '14), and 2nd Lieutenant Jonas Bystrom (B.A. '20).

United by another common bond unique to the three of us, we shared stories of good times on campus, our liberal arts education, and the lasting impact of King’s on our lives. 2nd Lt. Rosendaal shared that he was taught by Professor Brian Martin both in high school and at King’s, back when it was located in downtown Edmonton.

I shared about when I first came to Canada and the first time I threw a baseball and caught it with a glove when I was invited to Dr. and Mrs. Martin’s home for dinner. This kind of invitation is a treat you don’t get at large universities and signaled the bond we were able to have with our small classes.

2nd Lt. Bystrom, a current student, helped bridge the gap on students who is currently at King's and how King’s has kept its core values and continues to grow. From the Interdisciplinary Studies conference to cafeteria food, he indulged our questions and curiosities on what it's like to be a student now.

We reminisced fondly about our theological chats with Roy Berkenbosch, Dr. Peter Mahaffy’s role in making science practical and fun, the genius of Dr. Kloppers, and Dr. Beukes and economics, among many other stories. In a way, as we arduously train here as officers in the Canadian Armed Forces, we have been empowered and enriched by our shared experience.

United by the Army, inspired by The King’s University: to all the students, staff, and educators, past and present, thank you. Even after graduating we continue to serve in all that we do. That is one of the foundations of our time at King’s.

By 2nd Lieutenant Kwabena Apomah (B.Com. ‘14)


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