Board of Governors

The Board of Governors are ultimately responsible for ensuring that The King’s University fulfils its mission. Governors concern themselves with larger questions, such as:

  • Is King’s fulfilling its mission, and are current policies in keeping with this mission?
  • Does King’s communicate effectively with its supporting community?
  • Is King’s responsible in its use of funds?

The Board of Governors also have an important role in maintaining and ensuring the freedom of inquiry and learning at the University. King’s has adopted Universities Canada statement on academic freedom.

The Board Executive is elected by the Board of Governors. It makes time-sensitive decisions on behalf of the Board of Governors between meetings. Some decisions, including the adoption of the annual budget, large capital or real estate purchases, and the appointment of senior staff are recommended to the Board of Governors by the Board Executive for approval.

The Board delegates day-to-day management to the President.

2017-2018 Board of Governors  
*denotes Board Executive

Bill Lodewyk, Chair AB - Central Alberta*
Carolyn Huisman, AB - Calgary
Charles Evans, AB - Edmonton*
Cheryl Shinkaruk, AB - Edmonton
Cory Seibel, AB - Edmonton*
Duane Plantinga, AB - Edmonton
Dave Hubert, PhD, AB - Edmonton*
Frances Vegt, BC - Interior
Hans Van Ginhoven, AB - Edmonton*
Harley Middel, AB - Southern
Harry Kits, ON - Member at Large*
Jerry Bouma, AB - Edmonton*
Josh Noble, SK
Judith Welke, AB - Southern
Judy Letain, MB
Michael Stolte, AB - Edmonton
Nikki Rekman, BC - Lower Mainland
Paul Verhoef, AB - Calgary
Pearl den Haan, BC - Lower Mainland
Richard DeVries, AB - Northern
Rick Mast, AB - Edmonton
Shelagh K. Genuis, PhD, AB - Edmonton*
Steve Vriend, AB - Edmonton
Teresa Reitsma, BC - Northwestern
Warren Elgersma, AB - Central
Wilma van der Leek, BC - Lower Mainland