President's Council

The President’s Council provides leadership to the university under the overall guidance of the President. The President’s Council works to:

  • Ensure that the university successfully meets its Board-approved mission and strategic direction;
  • Provide input, council and leadership for institution-level policy decisions;
  • Integrate and model the university’s values throughout the institution;
  • Enable and empower successful leadership at all levels of the university through timely and coordinated communication.      

President’s Council members
*member of Cabinet

Dr. Melanie Humphreys, President*
Judy Wach, Executive Assistant to the President*
Dr. Chris Peet, Dean’s Council representative
Craig Weston, Director of Enrollment Management & Registrar
Dr. Darcy Visscher, Faculty representative
Dr. John Hiemstra, Professor (representing Dean, Social Sciences)
Glenn Keeler, Associate Vice President Institutional Research
Grace Scott, Athletic Director
Dan VanKeeken, Vice President Institutional Advancement
Ellen Vlieg-Paquette, Vice President Admin & Finance*
Dr. Hank Bestman, Vice President Academic & Research*
Dr. Michael Ferber, Vice President Student Life & Dean of Students*
Sonya Jongsma Knauss, Director, University Relations
Trina Wilson Orieux, Human Resources Director
Abigail Douglass, Students’ Association President