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2016 Athletic Awards

Apr 02, 2016

2016 Female Rookie of the Year Award: Sydney Warchola

This years award goes to an athlete who is described by her teammates as: hard working, focused, and willing to make changes to improve. As a first year she understood that it was a privilege to play and never took those opportunities for granted. She also recognized that to be successful as a student-athlete one has to be diligent in her studies, willing to spend time learning the game, and committed to hitting the workout gym on a regular basis; even if it meant getting up really early in the morning! She earned a starting position and was always looking for ways to better herself by watching others and asking for feedback. She is a player who certainly has a lot of potential and because of her work ethic, will no doubt, continue to be a player to watch in the future! Congratulations to Sydney Warchola, this year’s Female Rookie of the Year!

2016 Male Rookie of the Year Award: Curtis Schick

The Male Rookie of the year award is presented to a player who instantly stepped onto the starting line, playing a number of different positions. His willingness to be flexible and do whatever was necessary for the team is what makes him a great player. His quiet confidence, in combination with his competitive drive and determination, allowed him to excel as a first year ACAC soccer player. He was the team’s top scorer with 6 goals, and was often an integral part of setting up other goals as well. As a result, this player joins an elite class of King’s athletes by coming to within one goal of tying the King’s career scoring record, in just one season! He always brings a joy and enthusiasm to every practice and game. He is a highly respected member of the soccer community at King’s, and both his teammates and coaches are looking forward to seeing him, inevitably, capture the all-time scoring title! Congratulations to Curtis Schick as this year’s Male Rookie of the Year award winner.

2016 Female Athlete of the Year: Keri Alcorn

The Female Athlete of the Year award is presented to a player who is one of the most positive people on our team. She has calm presence on the court and has a unique way of making people feel very comfortable around her, yet at the same time is able to challenge them to give their best. Even though she was an All Conference player, All-Star at provincials and nationals; she was always more focused on the team’s performance than her own. She could not only be counted to ‘put the ball away’ when needed, she was also one of the most consistent players on her team. This player truly demonstrated all season what it means to be an ‘Eagle’: talented, confident, loyal, hard working, patient, kind, goofy, and always extremely encouraging. She is player who thrives under pressure, a tremendous role model, and amazing servant leader. Congratulations to Keri Alcorn, this year’s King’s Female Athlete of the Year!

2016 Male Athlete of the Year: Ryan Brenneis

This award is presented to a player that emulates the characteristics found in a true Eagles high performance Student-Athlete. During his years on the team, it was never about him - it was always TEAM FIRST. This year's recipient led in the classroom, the gym and the workout centre. His insight into his team as a captain was invaluable as he mentored the next wave of leaders & challenged them to be the best they could be EVER SINGLE DAY. He played his best, when his best was required. He was the team's points leader during the regular season & at Conference Championships. Congratulations to Ryan Brenneis on being chosen as this year’s King’s Male Athlete of the Year!

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