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5 tips to make the most of Reading Week

Feb 15, 2018

Whether you’re headed home to visit family, catching up on homework, or planning on some much-needed relaxation, make the most of your Reading Week!

You time
No one needs to tell you the semester can be stressful, so give yourself permission to take some time for yourself. It’s not selfish. In fact, it’s extremely important for your overall wellness.

Pull out a book, watch a movie, play a video game, take a bath…Whatever your rejuvenation time looks like, make it a priority, even if you have to schedule it in.

Make a list
What are all the things you need and want to accomplish during the week? Start with listing anything you need to study, read, and write for school. Look at what’s going to take you the longest and what will be the shortest to determine if you need to devote a few evenings to it, or if it’s a chapter you can get at in one sitting. Prioritize and organize your time.

For the second part of your list, jot down the tasks and fun stuff you want on your Reading Week bucket list! Highlight the ones you most want to get to and start scheduling.

Are you the type who likes to get school work out of the way and reward yourself after, or do you prefer to enjoy yourself first and buckle down afterward? If you know when you study best, block off that mid-morning, afternoon, or evening time and leave the rest of your day for the fun stuff. Sectioning off parts of each day can help keep study sessions from becoming too long or overwhelming.

Family and friends
Make a point of getting time in with family and friends. Hang out with the people who love you, who want to encourage you, who lift you up just by being around them.

If family is far away, set up a Skype date! A phone call to chat about life is a great touch point and can leave you feeling refreshed with a new perspective to dive back into school.

Travelling doesn’t have to be lengthy—or expensive. Grab a friend, or several, and go on a day-trip. The mountains for a scenic winter hike are only a few hours away. Or check out our southern sister city, Calgary, for new sights.

Or keep the adventure close and explore Edmonton’s gems. Join King’s for our first skate party, happening Feb. 19 at the Ottewell Community League. How about visiting nearby Elk Island National Park for winter adventure week? Did you know the zoo is open in winter at a lower rate? Or combine nerd culture and science at The Telus World of Science’s newest exhibit, Popnology, studying how pop culture inspires technological advances. From top-notch cafes to axe-throwing, Edmonton’s got fun and unexpected adventures to try out.

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