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Business competition challenges Edmonton’s suburban vision

Mar 15, 2018
Edmonton's city skyline.
Edmonton's city skyline.

The Leder School of Business has launched its annual High School Case Competition, and this year’s case challenge hits Edmontonians’ love of single family homes, big trucks, and bigger backyards.

Leder hosts and designs the event specifically for groups of high school students. The competition takes a real-world situation, revealed to students six weeks prior to the team’s presentation deadline, and asks them to craft a business plan with all the realistic creativity and constraints any executive board or consulting firm would need to consider.

At the end of six weeks, teams present their cases to a panel of judges, made up of respected representatives from academia, business, government, and community leaders who closely understand the chosen case.

The 2018 topic, Marketing and the Environment, was revealed March 15. The video announcement dives into Edmonton’s challenges: a booming population, housing sprawl far from the city centre, the strain on power and water supplies, and long commutes, as we take a hard look at our carbon footprint.

The challenge is for students to create a marketing plan that makes a low carbon lifestyle (smaller homes, bicycling, electric vehicles, etc.) attractive to Edmontonians. The goal is to convince the city’s residents, given increased knowledge of the problems and alternatives, that they can change their behaviour to be part of the solution.

The competition is an excellent opportunity for high school students to flex their classroom learning in a real-world setting and to meet and learn from some of Edmonton’s top business and community leaders.

Students will present their marketing plans on April 27 at The King’s University. We eagerly wait to see what Edmonton’s bright up-and-coming minds create to catapult their city’s future in the right direction.