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Fancy new AC chiller unit to increase sustainability of Tower Residence

Nov 25, 2016
Newly installed energy efficient AC units in their new home
Newly installed energy efficient AC units in their new home

In the spring of 2016, The Kings University replaced old inefficient tower residence air conditioning chillers. When the old unit started up in the past, lights in parts of the campus would flicker. Parts for the unit were becoming harder and harder to source and the refrigerant it used had phased out several years ago. The almost 40-year-old tower penthouse chiller had served its purpose and it was time to replace it with a much more energy efficient model. 

Three high efficiency units with 6 stages in total comprise the new cooling system and together, they are much more efficient than the old two stage mid 1970’s air conditioning units used previously. Stages on the new units will energize one by one depending on demand in our residence tower furthering efficiencies. The new RW-series units are at least 30% more efficient than the old a/c unit and run very quietly. The new refrigerant it uses is far more environmentally friendly as well. Payback on the project will range between 10-12 years depending on the cost of energy

The unit was put into service in the spring of 2016 and efficiencies were immediately noticed over the summer via lower power consumption rates. More data needs to be gathered to assess actual energy efficiencies realized with the new unit.

The RW series air conditioning chiller is amongst the highest efficiency of AC units available.  Large over-sized water to refrigerant heat exchangers, and scroll compressors provide extremely efficient operation.

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