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Generous donors make landmark year for giving

May 08, 2018
2018 grads celebrating an accomplishment enabled each year by our donors
2018 grads celebrating an accomplishment enabled each year by our donors

As King’s wraps up another fiscal year, we want to share and celebrate the incredible impact our donors have made for our community. Between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018, King’s received over four million in charitable gifts!

The total $4,015,705 is an increase of $665,000 from donations in the 2016/17 fiscal year—a testament during tough economic times of our donors’ generous commitment to King’s. This is only the second time in King's history that charitable giving has exceeded four million. Nearly 1,000 donors, 70 churches, and 34 foundations and organizations contributed to this total. 

Over the past year, these gifts supported student scholarships and bursaries, program development, research growth, university operations, and facility and equipment upgrades. Thanks be to God for providing for our university and the students we serve!

The King’s University was created by a community of believers with a commitment to providing Christian university education that inspires and equips learners to bring renewal and reconciliation to every walk of life as followers of Jesus Christ, the Servant-King. With our donors' partnership, God is blessing this vision and helping it to grow and thrive.


On May 18, 2018, Joel Soodsma said

Donors are supporting Christian higher education, that is good news. IT seems biblical teaching is under attack in most schools of not already dead. A friend showed me an article from the Christian Renewal and the Edmonton Journal..go to this url. (not a live link) discussing difference between the past and present regarding the attitude towards homosexuality at Kings. Has Kings decided to set aside biblical norms in this regard and are they now seeking to reconcile what God has condemned as sin? Reformed Christian Education looks at what God has made, then seeks to use it in ways He intended. Heterosexuality is the clear created intention. Sin has polluted and perverted what God made 'very good'. Please return to scriptural grounds and work to bring justice and restoration by upholding and teaching what God has given us. Sincerely, Joel Soodsma

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