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Good progress made on LED retrofit initiative

Jan 06, 2017

As part of The King's University’s continued commitment to sustainability, maintenance staff retrofitted a number of classrooms with 15 watt LED smart tubes prior to the Christmas break. The effort resulted in a reduction of electrical consumption by 56% in these areas. The installation of over 200 LED tubes in these areas will reduce King’s carbon footprint by 11.6 metric tons per year. To date, over 800 LED tubes have been installed for a savings of 66,000 KWH per year and a reduction of 46.8 metric tons of CO2e per year.

"We are progressing well in our plan to convert the entire campus to LEDs over the next two years." says Director of Facilities, Rob Vanweerden. "At this point lighting in all lobbies and corridors, the atrium area, gym breezeway, gym support areas and most of our library have been modernized with new energy efficient fixtures."

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