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King's KCVS students create climate learning materials for CLEAN

Apr 12, 2017

Students working with the King's Centre for Visualization of Science (KCVS) have created educational materials related to climate change, and in February, a comprehensive set of interactive materials were endorsed by the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN). The CLEAN endorsement means that a second, rigorous review by scientists and educators has led to selection of these resources for listing in the CLEAN collection.

KCVS receives funding from organizations such as Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council to develop high quality, peer-reviewed educational materials, according to KCVS co-director Dr. Brian Martin. KCVS employs five to seven students per year, mostly in chemistry and computing science from King’s. “The May through August work with KCVS gives students high-quality research experience and tangible results that influence the way the next generation of students discovers their love of science.”


On Apr 27, 2017, brianna humblerack said

Congratulations! I have been searching the 'web' for faith-based creation care materials suitable for adapting to my Sunday School class with children aged 2-14. How grand would that be to include something developed at my alma mater ('85)? We are doing a study called "Heart Physics" and are working with an adaptation of "The Gospel of Peace" book in this series. Creation Care would fall under "I am a Good Earth-Keeper". Would you have any suitable materials? We have a very limited budget, but great imaginations to work with:). Blessings, and, again, Congratulations Brianna

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