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King’s sees record-breaking enrolment

Oct 05, 2017

The King’s University set another record for enrolment this fall, with a 3.5% increase from last year.

The latest enrolment numbers show King’s total student body consists of 820 students.

“Our students continue to recognize King’s for its caring community and excellence in teaching and research,” said Allen Verbeek, Associate VP Enrolment Management and Registrar. “Each of these are pillars to prepare students for a future of significance and positive impact in the world.”

Verbeek acknowledges that students sharing their experience at King’s makes a large difference to King’s continued growth. “Our students and alumni continue to spread the word about the wonderful King’s community they are so thankful for, and that word of mouth continues to pay dividends for a generation that wants to not only prepare for strong careers but to be meaningfully equipped to change their world.”  

Some areas with growth include the well-respected Education After-Degree Program, which saw a large leap this fall from 40 to 71 incoming students. Biology, with its many opportunities for student-faculty research, also saw a student increase of 10 new enrolments. Institutionally, the natural and social sciences (notably biology and psychology) hold the largest group of students, making up 48% of total enrolled students.

President Melanie Humphreys commented on the record growth by saying, “Many people—King’s community, students, staff, faculty, alumni, and supporters—put time and effort into recruiting new students. That’s definitely something to celebrate!”

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