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King's alumna inspiring others to reduce their environmental footprint

Oct 09, 2018

Elise Renchko is a recent alumna of The King’s University Environmental Studies program with a concentration in Biology. While at King’s, she was encouraged to examine her impact on the environment and explore how she could make a difference. For example, as part of a class project, Elise challenged herself to stop using single-use drink containers and plastic straws. She found out that a small change like this became routine in a short amount of time and could make a big difference on her own environmental footprint. Elise didn’t go back to using wasteful products once the project was over— she wanted to inspire others to make a difference as well. Elise created an Instagram page to help share information on how to live a less wasteful life in hopes that it will help people become more conscious about the waste they generate. 

Check out Elise’s Instagram page for tips on how to reduce your single-use waste.

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