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King’s name officially changed by the Alberta Government

Dec 14, 2015

It's done - we are now officially The King’s University! On December 9 the Legislative Assembly of Alberta passed Bill Pr1, The King’s University College Amendment Act on 3rdreading, sending it to the Lieutenant Governor for Royal Assent, which was accomplished December 11. Thanks be to God! 

I’ve included the link to the Legislative Session, where King’s was the first Bill to be heard that evening:

It has been a long road since we first were granted permission to change our name in July 2014. We were a festive and excited group at the Legislature on December 9. Our MLA Marlin Schmidt did a lovely job of his speech incorporating messages from students, alumni and our MP, Linda Duncan. He was just the right amount of funny given the lateness of the hour, long days and business still ahead of the House that evening. Our Board chair Bill Diepeveen knows the Speaker of the House. Honourable Speaker Bob Wanner presided over our time in the House that night instead of turning it over to the Deputy Speaker, more commonly done for these kinds of matters. The House seemed invigorated by our presence. 

Following is the list of persons who attended this historic event, with special thanks to the faculty and staff who were able to attend:

  1. Melanie Humphreys, President
  2. Bill Diepeveen, Chair, Board of Governors
  3. Henk Van Andel, President Emeritus
  4. Jim Visser, Retired Board Member
  5. Rick Mast, Board Member
  6. Dan VanKeeken, Vice President Advancement
  7. Ellen Vlieg-Paquette, Vice President, Administration and Finance
  8. Gerda Kits, Professor
  9. John Heimstra, Professor
  10. Peter Mahaffy, Professor
  11. Cheryl Mahaffy
  12. Robert Bruinsma, Retired Professor
  13. Louisa Bruinsma
  14. Carol Moreno, Manager, Alumni Relations
  15. Nikolas Vander Kooy, Coordinator, Marketing
  16. Abigail Douglass, Student Association President
  17. Melissa Grounds, Student
  18. Elyse Abma, Student
  19. Abbi Hofstede, Student

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for this amazing university, The King’s University.


Best regards,


Dr. Melanie Humphreys, President

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