Board of Governors & Senate

Board of Governors & Senate

The King's University is governed by a voluntary Board of Governors  and Senate. The Board of Governors oversees the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of the University. The Senate provides for the government, management and carrying out of the curriculum, instruction and education offered by the University.

The Board of Governors, Senate as well all of The King's University members are governed by The King's University By-Laws. A member is defined as any person who endorses the Statement of Faith and Mission Statement of The King’s University and who has made a financial contribution to the University during the last two full calendar years.

Board of Governors

(September 2014 to September 2015)

Board Member

Area Represented

Mr. Ben Bentum BC Lower Mainland
Mr. Jerry Bouma AB Edmonton
Mr. Mark Dalmaijer MB
Mr. Warren Elgersma  AB Central 
Rev. Canon Travis Enright  AB Edmonton
Mr. Rudy deGroot AB Calgary
Mr. Ariel DeJong BC Vancouver 
Mr. Bill Diepeveen, Chair AB Edmonton
Mr. Charles Evans AB Edmonton
Dr. Shelagh K. Genuis AB Edmonton
Dr. Dave Hubert AB Edmonton
Ms. Darlene Janzen AB Edmonton
Rev. Gerry Johnson AB Edmonton
Mr. Harry Kits ON Ottawa (At Large)
Mr. Dave Klingenberg AB Southern
Mr. John Kolk AB Southern
Ms. Trixie Ling BC Lower Mainland
Mr. Bill Lodewyk AB Central
Mr. Rick Mast AB Edmonton
Mr. Anthony Nienhuis SK Saskatoon
Mrs. Marjorie Tuininga AB Northern
Mrs. Wilma van der Leek BC Lower Mainland 
Mr. Hans Van Ginhoven AB Edmonton 
Ms. Aaltje Van Grootheest                     BC Vancouver Island
Mrs. Frances Vegt BC South Interior
Mrs. Marianne Vos AB Southern
Mr. Steve Vriend  AB Edmonton 
Mr. Clarence Weening AB Calgary

Advisors to the Board

Dr. Melanie Humphreys, President
Dr. Hank Bestman, Vice President, Academic
Ms. Ellen Vlieg-Paquette, Vice President, Administration and Finance
Dr. Eric McIntosh Vice President, Student Development
Mr. Dan VanKeeken Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Mrs. Judy Wach, Exec. Asst. to the President, Recording Secretary
Dr. Rem Kooistra, Faculty Representative
Mrs. Hilda Buisman, Staff Assembly Representative
Ms. Brenna Hansen, Students' Association President
Mr. Kevin Lane Students' Association Vice President Administration


Dr. Mark Peppler, Chair Community Representative
Mr. Steve Vriend  Board Representative
Dr. Janet Wesselius Community Representative
Rev. Gerry Johnson Board Executive Representative
Mr. Dave Hubert Board Representative
Ms. Sandra Talarico Board Representative
Dr. Melanie Humphreys President
Dr. Hank Bestman Vice President Academic
Dr. Brian Martin Faculty Representative 
Dr. Arlette Zinck Faculty Representative
Mr. Shannon Tuininga Administrative Staff Representative
Ms. Brenna Hansen  Students' Association President
Mr. Kevin Lane  Students' Association VP Administration
Mr. Jerry Mathis  Senate Secretary