Goal: $30 Million

King’s currently serves more than 840 students from 16 nations. Students can enrol in 561 courses in 24 disciplines and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in arts, science, music, education, and commerce. Faculty members are highly qualified, dedicated Christians who are committed to academic excellence and communicating their faith in their teaching.

With gratitude to God for our growth and progress as an institution over the years, King’s leadership, faculty, students, and Board of Governors completed a visionary strategic planning initiative that provides crucial direction for our future—A Promising Future.

The following initiatives enable us to build on our strengths, better serve our community and country, and fulfil our mission as one of Canada’s leading Christian universities.

$30 million in academic programming, student life enhancements, new facilities, student financial aid, and other initiatives have been identified.

The following initiatives enable us to build on our strengths, better serve our community and country, and fulfill our mission as one of Canada’s leading Christian universities. Together, these initiatives total $30 million in new additions.

Our student body is growing, and King's needs to grow with it. Our planning team has meticulously researched and explored multiple ways in which King's can continue to grow sustainably and have arrived at this ambitious, exciting plan to meet our goals.

Design for the Centre For Excellence in the Sciences

Centre for Excellence
in the Sciences

New programs, research and lab spaces, and modern facilities that put students first.

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Design for the Academic Enrichment Centre

Enrichment Centre

Enhanced student services and academic supports in a single, convenient location.

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Micah Centre Students gardening

Micah Centre

A new Justice Semester, guest speaker series, academic programs, and more.

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These initiatives will accomplish four primary objectives:


We strive to be affordable so students of all financial means can learn here. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of running a university, so we rely on other income sources; charitable gifts play a major role in this.


Our target campus population for operating sustainably is 1,200 students. Departments like the sciences are nearing capacity and are expected to grow significantly in future years. We need to meet future demand for these programs.


The educational marketplace is competitive. Students and faculty are attracted to leading-edge programs and research opportunities. With this campaign, King's can continue to be positioned as a leading faith-based university.


To reach 1,200 students and meet growing demand in the sciences, capital investment is required. A recently completed Campus Master Plan by GEC Architecture identified that new and expanded facilities are needed as we rapidly expand.



"The actions we take today will determine our future."
- Melanie Humphreys, President


Senior Development Team: