Dwayne O'Coin

Associate Professor, Leder School of Business P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8128 F: 780-465-3534
  • B. Comm, University of Alberta

My name is Dwayne O'Coin, and I'm a Chartered Accountant with a B.Comm. from the U of Alberta, as well as post-graduate work in doctoral programs at the Wharton School in Philadelphia and at the University of Calgary. I have worked in public practice, in academic service, three stints in industry, most recently with a local software firm, and now I'm teaching here at The King's University in Edmonton.

I have studied at the Universities of Manitoba, Alberta, Calgary, Lethbridge and Pennsylvania. I have taught at the Universities of Athabasca, Alberta and Lethbridge, and, of course, King's. My assigned courses have been, for the most part, audit, consolidations and foreign currency, financial accounting theory and a little corporate finance thrown in for flavor. I've also taught intro and intermediate financial accounting, so I have introduced many students to the vagaries of accounting and finance over the years.

Research Interests

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Current Research

  • Working on DBA at Athabasca University