Lloyd Den Boer

Dean of the Faculty of Education, Associate Professor, Education P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8113 F: 780-465-3534
  • Ed.D. Candidate (Educational Administration of Secondary Schools) University of South Dakota
  • M.A. (English: Canadian Literature) Simon Fraser University
  • B.A. (English and Philosophy) Dordt College


I have four professional passions. One is teaching--which I have had an opportunity to practice with almost all age levels of learners. A second is reading and writing. To me, there is nothing quite like getting students as absorbed by reading and writing as I am. A third is figuring out how to create learning environments that engage students. I’m especially interested in how teachers and administrators can work together to do that. Finally, I’m interested in the space that teachers and administrators need to do their best work—something that educational policy makers can do a better or worse job of creating.

Professional background

  • High school English teacher
  • Elementary and middle school teaching principal
  • Elementary principal
  • Professor in a teacher preparation program


  • Education 300: Introduction to Western Educational Ideas
  • Education 310: Strategies for Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education
  • Education 330: Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary English and Social Studies I
  • Education 351: Elementary Practicum I
  • Education 353: Secondary Practicum I
  • Education 409: Cross Curricular Literacy
  • Education 430: Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary English and Social Studies II
  • Education 451: Elementary Practicum II
  • Education 453: Secondary Practicum II

Research interests

  • Instructional leadership by administrators
  • The role of professional community in curriculum schools
  • Re-envisioning the purpose of English Language Arts

Current research
The variety of mental models of instructional leadership that administrators bring to school improvement.