Dr. Harry Fernhout

President Emeritus

Dr. J. Harry Fernhout served as President of The King’s University College from 2005 to 2013.

In his eight years of service at King's, Dr. Fernhout led the development of a comprehensive five-year Strategic Plan and nurtured a decentralized leadership structure in a positive climate of support and recognition. He was an effective spokesman for our Independent Academic Institutions sector with government officials and departments, secured federal infrastructure funding and presided over the highest fall enrolment ever. Dr. Fernhout created an environment where students were welcomed and encouraged to engage him in discussions knowing that they would be heard and their input respected.

Upon his retirement, the Board of Governors voted unanimously to give him the title President Emeritus. This honorary title is King's commitment to an ongoing relationship, including a standing invitation to be part of King's events.

He holds a Master of Philosophy degree from the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and a PhD in Philosophy of Education from the University of Toronto. Prior to coming to King’s he served as President of the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto for fifteen years.

Harry and his wife Hilda have four children, all of whom have graduated from Christian university colleges, and seven grandchildren.