Michelle Nguyen

Admissions Counsellor - Northern Alberta, Northern B.C., Ontario P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8094 F: 780-465-8321
  • B.Sc. in Biology

Recruiting Region: North Edmonton, Northern Alberta, Northern BC, Ontario, and everything east of that!

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a Minor in Psychology from The King's University

Hobbies: I play soccer for a team called Adrenaline Rush, I sing in a choir called Kokopelli, and I am a worship leader and youth leader at my church - Edmonton Father’s House. I also have a minor addiction to the game Candy Crush.

Favourite Edmonton Activity: Summer Festivals! My favourite Edmonton Summer Festivals are Edmonton Folk Music Fest and Edmonton International Fringe Festival. But, I also love the food and cultural festivals, like Taste of Edmonton, What The Truck?!, and the Servus Heritage Festival.

Your Favourite Level Drink: Chai Latte with Soy Milk

Best Thing About King’s: The amazing community! It sounds so cliché but I love how tight-knit and caring this community is. It is such a wonderful place to work and study in because you always feel supported and like you have something valuable to contribute. It really makes all the difference in the quality of work you produce!

Advice for My Students: Get involved and try new things! There are so many benefits to being active in the King’s community. Aside from making new friends and relieving some of the stress that comes with school, you may discover new talents and interests within yourself that are well worth your time to pursue! This is also why you don’t need to have everything figured out when you begin university. University is about exploring new things and finding your niche in life!