Monica Letwiniuk

Admissions Student Blogger P: 780-465-8334 F: 780-465-8321

Year and Program: BA in Psychology, 4th year

Commuter or Residence Student? Commuter Student now Residence Student

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Why you chose King’s: I wanted to learn from a Christian perspective and liked the thought of smaller class sizes, and getting to know my professors and fellow classmates.

What are your post-graduate plans? I hope to go into graduate school and become a Speech Language Pathologist.

Favourite cafeteria item: Hands down the cinnamon buns.

Favourite thing to do on campus? Spending time with friends!

Favourite thing to do off campus? Definitely sleeping and hanging out with the family.

What did you wish you knew coming into university? University is not as stressful as people make it out to be. As long as you put in the effort, university is actually quite rewarding. But then again, you have to be organized in order to not be too stressed.

Advice for new students? Balance your schedule with both academics and leisure time, don't be afraid to be a part of the university community (you get to know a lot more people that way), and don't pick a university just because all of your friends may be going there. Pick one that fits with what you're looking for in a post-secondary institution.

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