Bianca Dublois

Admissions Student Blogger P: 780-465-8334 F: 780-465-8321

Year and Program: BA in Psychology, 1st year

Commuter or Residence Student? Commuter.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB.

Why you chose King’s: I chose King's because of the many benefits it has to offer me, such as the phenomenal Bachelor of Education After-Degree program. Also, I wanted to get involved in many of King's volunteer opportunities, such as being an ambassador and being able to share my experience with others on what it’s like to be a King's student.

What are your post-graduate plans? After I graduate with my BA, I plan on going into the Bachelor of Education After-Degree and then to hopefully do some travelling, specifically to Paris. Clear that off my bucket list!

Favourite cafeteria item: I haven’t really ordered anything from the cafeteria; I always pack a lunch.

Favourite thing to do on campus? Go to chapel on Wednesdays and watch the Eagles' home games!

Favourite thing to do off campus? Spending time with my family and making/editing videos for YouTube! 

What did you wish you knew coming into university? Coming into university, I wish I knew how expensive textbooks would actually be. I wish I already knew places where I could look for the textbooks I needed, but at a lower price.

Advice for new students? Really put yourself out there! When you're in a new place, seeing brand new faces can be really overwhelming and awkward, but I always like to tell myself that nothing is awkward until you make it awkward. Chances are there are a lot of other students who are feeling the same way, so take a chance, don’t be shy and make new friends!

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