Bianca Dublois

Admissions Student Blogger

Year and Program: BA in Psychology, 3rd Year

Commuter or Residence Student? Commuter

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Why did you choose King’s: I chose King’s because of the many opportunities on campus that would help me reach my future goals. I want to be an elementary school teacher and I was looking for an institution where I could start and finish my university education all in one place. King’s was that place! I also first-hand experienced King’s at the Fall Open House and it was immediately a very “at-home” feel. The tight knit community and friendly faces kept all the overwhelming feelings away.

What are your post-graduate plans? After I graduate with my BA, I plan on going into the Bachelor of Education After-Degree here at King’s. Hopefully also do some travelling and clear my bucket list off…Paris is a MUST!

Favourite Level Coffee House drink: Iced chai tea latte

Favourite thing to do on campus: Get comfy in the alumni lounge and catch up with friends

Favourite thing to do off campus: Workout and walk my dog, Luna

What did you wish you knew coming into university? Coming into university, I wish I knew how to ask for help and how to get started with everything. Booking an appointment with an admissions counsellor is one of the best things you could do if you are overwhelmed with the transition.

Advice for new students? See an admissions counsellor! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask as many questions as you need to help ease your transition into university. I also think you should really put yourself out there. When you're in a new place seeing brand new faces can be really overwhelming and awkward. But, I always like to tell myself that nothing is awkward until you make it awkward. Chances are there are a lot of other students who are feeling the same way. So, take a chance! Try not to be shy and make new friends.

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