Joshua Thomas

Admissions Student Blogger P: 780-465-8334 F: 780-465-8321

Year and Program: 4th Year BA PHE Major

Commuter or Residence Student? I lived in residence my first year, but am now a commuter.

Hometown: Capernwray, England.

Why you chose Kings: I found it when I did a Wikipedia search for “schools in Canada that offer PHE.” King’s was in Edmonton--and I’d heard of Edmonton--so decided to apply. Bought a one-way plane ticket, and it turned into the best choice of my life.

What are your post-graduate plans? Apply for a job at the United Nations to work with refugees.

Favourite cafeteria item: Water (it’s delicious, healthy and keeps you hydrated!).

Favourite thing to do on campus? Grabbing a coffee at The Level Coffee House.

Favourite thing to do off campus? Exploring the many trails winding through the Edmonton river valley.

What did you wish you knew coming into university? How to better manage my mental wellness! School is important but so is making friends, having fun, and a good Netflix binge. Mental wellness is such an important part of having a successful university career.

Advice for new students? Balance your time! It can be easy to sign up for everything and want to get involved at the beginning of the semester; however, when term papers and mid-terms start popping up it can be hard to juggle everything. I’ve learned the importance of pacing yourself and only signing up for things that genuinely interest you.