Mckena Boldt

Student Worker P: 780-465-3500


Mckena Boldt

Year and Program:

3rd Year Bachelor of Arts in English

Commuter or Residence Student?



Parkland County, AB

Why you chose King’s:

I chose King’s because of the initial feeling of acceptance and community at the fall open house event.  I knew walking through the doors and meeting an ambassador that I wanted to come to this school no matter what!  I also came to King’s because of the small classroom sizes.  I learn best when I’m in a smaller group setting and you really get to experience that at King’s.

What are your post-graduate plans?

As someone who is passionate about education I’ve wanted to pursue a career in teaching for as long as I can remember.  I am looking forward to going into the education after-degree program once I graduate my undergrad degree in hopes to become a junior high teacher.

Favourite thing to do on campus?

My favourite thing to do on-campus would either be having coffee in the Level with a friend or Zumba club!

Favourite thing to do off campus?

When I’m off campus I like to either hangout with friends or watch Netflix at my apartment.

What did you wish you knew coming into university?

I wish I knew time management! You are more independent in university compared to high school and it’s up to you to make sure you get everything done.  Being a procrastinator, it was hard to adapt at first.

Advice for new students?

My advice would be to get involved! There is so much on-campus for all students to be a part of.  Whether it’s a club, the ambassador program, athletics or a small group, there is something for everyone! The great thing is if there isn’t anything that interests you, you are able to start up a club through the students association.