McKena Boldt

Admissions Student Intern and Student Blogger

Year and Program: B.Ed Secondary, 1st Year (I did my undergrad here as well!)

Commuter or Residence Student? Commuter

Hometown: Parkland County, Alberta

Why did you choose King's? I choose Kings for my undergrad and after-degree because of the student to professor ratio and the close knit welcoming community between peers, professors and staff

What are your post-graduate plans? When I finish this after-degree I plan to move up to Athabasca and teach junior high humanities!

Favourite beverage from the Level Coffee House: Dirty London Fog with a vanilla tea bag

Favourite thing to do on campus? Homework in the Level with peers

Favourite thing to do off campus? Hangout with friends and travel to Athabasca to visit my fiancé and my puppy, Maple.

What did you wish you knew coming into university? That this will be the hardest and best years of your life. There are a ton of professors and other people supporting you through your academic journey.

Advice for new students? Get involved in events with the commuter and residence programs. They are a great way to make friends and get connected in the King’s community.