Minji Kang

Admissions Student Intern and Student Blogger

Year and Program: Second year, Bachelor of Arts in Politics-History-Economics (PHE).

Commuter or Residence: Commuter

Hometown: Leduc, AB

Why did you choose King’s? I chose King’s because I was intrigued by the unique PHE program that King’s offered. The disciplines in this program were all subjects that I was very interested in during high school. Also, I liked that King’s offered smaller class sizes which allows more opportunities to directly engage with professors and other students.

What are your post-graduate plans? After receiving my degree at King’s, I plan to go to law school to become a human rights lawyer.

Favourite beverage from the Level? I love getting the matcha latte with almond milk whenever I visit the Level.

Favourite thing to do on campus? I’m a huge book lover so I find myself going to the library often to scope out all the books we have.

Favourite thing to do off campus? My favourite thing to do off campus would be going on hikes with my family and friends when the weather is nice. I also love going skiing during the cold winter days!

What did you wish you knew coming into university? I wish I knew how to manage my time better! I think it would’ve been much easier for me to adjust to university if I already gained the habit of keeping track of due dates, assignments, and extracurricular activities.

Advice for new students? As I mentioned above, time management is so important! Try to get into a habit of managing your time and planning your weekly or monthly schedules so that you can be on top of all of your due dates and assignments!