Susanne Huizing

Faculty Teaching Coordinator

P: 825-901-3957
Dr. Susanne J. Huizing is an accomplished student-outcomes focused servant-leader in Christian education administration, with a comprehensive career to make a lasting impact in higher education. She is highly adept at emphasizing academics, ethical and spiritual values, social responsibility, and personal development through a demonstrated ability in teaching excellence. Skilled at designing and implementing curriculum and programming to improve engagement with students and collaborations with internal and external partners. Her strong expertise in teaching principles, methods, and current developments in academic discipline allows her to regularly serve as a professional development speaker and subject matter expert. 
Her advanced credentials include an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Ed.S. in Curriculum Design and M.Ed. in Methods of Teaching and Learning, and multiple educational certifications as a life-long learner.  She has served as an Administrator, Faculty Development Leader, and ESL Program Director where she oversaw strategic operations, led curriculum development and educational programming both synchronously and asynchronously. Her teaching experience in the K-12 world for over 20 years and in higher education as an adjunct professor and more recently as the Faculty Teaching Coordinator and Director of the Centre for Teaching & Learning at The King’s allows her to use the gifts and talents the Lord has given to support students and faculty on campus.