Apply for Loans

Alberta Residents: Student Aid Alberta

Loan application tips for Alberta students: 

  1. We are listed as "King's University" (select this).
  2. If you are in a Bachelor of Arts program, make sure you select the right one! There are two four-year B.A. degree programs listed, and 99% of students should select the second one (there is only one option for the Bachelor of Arts 3-year program).
  3. Pick the right study dates! You should see three options: Fall term, Winter term, and both, Fall & Winter.

Take your time to read the questions carefully; a wrong answer could result in a delayed loan and a lengthy appeal process.

Questions? Call the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre: 1-855-606-2096

Non-Alberta Residents

Find details on your government assistance program by clicking on your provincial/territorial loan office:

British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland
Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunavut  Ontario
Prince Edward Island Québec Saskatchewan  Yukon

Learn more about government student loans in Canada.
How do I know what I'll qualify for? Try the Government of Canada student financial assistance estimator.

U.S. Residents: FAFSA

King’s participates in the Federal Direct Loan program. American students studying at King’s are eligible to receive the subsidized loan portion but not the Federal Pell Grant. When applying for your US Student Loan, you must go to the federal student aid website and complete their promissory note and entrance counseling before we can assess you for loans.

Full-Time Study at King's

Full-time study at King's is defined by having a minimum of nine credits in one term/semester (students with permanent disabilities may be able to take a reduced course load and still be considered full-time). If you do not have a permanent disability and take less than 9 credits per term/semester, you must apply for part-time student loans.

Annual Application for Government Funding Assistance

Students must apply annually for student financial aid (repayable loans and/or grants) through their home province/territory (i.e. place of permanent residence). Applications are revised each year and available in late spring for students to apply for the upcoming fall/winter terms. Students should aim to apply for funding at least six to eight weeks before classes start.