Tuition and Fees

Make sure to explore scholarships available to new and returning students. On average, King's students receive more financial aid then at other Alberta universities. Tuition, student, and residence fees are due at the beginning of each term prior to the start of classes.

Find out how much King's will cost you by using our student aid calculator.

scholarships student aid calculator

Tuition & Fees (per term)

Fall 2018/19

Tuition (full course load, 15.5 credits)


Mandatory Student Fees


Orientation Fee


Student Healthcare Plan*


Textbooks/Supplies (estimate)




Residence & Meal Plan Options (per term)

Fall 2018/19

Tower Room Residence (double occupancy)


Basic Meal Plan


Limited Meal Plan


Tower Suite Residence


Suite Meal Plan


Apartment Residence


For a full listing of fees and payment deadlines, refer to the King's Academic Calendar. All costs are subject to change.

*students can opt out with proof of comparable insurance coverage.

Tuition payment options
Learn more about how to pay for your education. Whether you are paying your tuition deposit, paying a portion or all of your tuition and fees, or paying a library fine, putting money onto your student account has never been easier.

For a full listing of fees and payment deadlines, please refer to King's Academic Calendar.