Post-Secondary English at King's (PEAK)

Post-Secondary English at King's

The Post-Secondary English (PEAK) program is designed for Canadian and international students who already have intermediate to advanced proficiency in English to obtain the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in post-secondary education and life in Canada. The PEAK program cannot be taken alone; students enrolled in the PEAK program must also be admitted into a degree program at King's. 

Blended PEAK Program

King's offers a Blended PEAK program, which consists of both university courses and PEAK courses. Students will take 3 courses (9.5 credits) of university courses per term along with 9 hours of English Language Study per week. Upon the successful completion of the Blended PEAK program, students are admissible into full-time university study at King’s. Students are assessed for full-time study at the end of each semester of the Blended PEAK program.

PEAK Courses

PEAK 105/115 – PEAK 105 is an intermediate level course offered in the Fall semester, and PEAK 115 is the advanced level course offered in the Winter semester. PEAK courses emphasize writing and researching, with a focus on the following topics:

  • Thesis statements and paragraph structure, including grammar and mechanics
  • Writing introductions and conclusions with a focus on transitions
  • Research essays using the Modern Language Association (MLA) style guidelines 
  • Essay structure explored through 3 essay assignments: Expository, Persuasion and Compare and Contrast 
  • Inference, plot conventions and figurative language explored through a novel study
  • Creative writing