Travel Subsidy

King’s Admissions Department offers a subsidy to students who preregister and travel to attend a King’s View Friday (KVF) or King’s Encounter Weekend (KEW) campus visit event from a far. Chaperones who accompany up to five students are also eligible to apply for a travel subsidy. Groups of more than five students should contact Admissions before booking their travel for details on the group travel policies.

Prospective Student Subsidy Maximums

  AB BC/SK/MB/Territories ON/QC/Eastern Canada & USA
Driving $100 $200 $300
Bus/Train/Air $200 $400 $600

Chaperone Subsidy Maximums

  AB BC/SK/MB/Territories ON/QC/Eastern Canada & USA
Driving $50 $100 $150
Bus/Train/Air $100 $200 $300


  • The minimum travel distance (total one way) needed to qualify for the subsidy is 100 kilometres.
  • Subsidy eligibility is dependent on participation in all scheduled activities during the visit event.
  • Subsidies must be applied for within two weeks following participation at a King’s campus visit event. Applications received after that time will not be accepted.
  • Subsidy applications will be considered upon submission of receipts--all relevant receipts must be received no later than two weeks after the event.
  • Subsidy funds for prospective students will be distributed to eligible applicants in the following manner: Total cost incurred or half of the maximum amount (whichever is less) will be mailed out within six weeks of event attendance.
  • The remainder subsidy amount, if applicable, will be held for up to three years for students who are applying for the subsidy prior to their grade 12 year. This amount will be applied to the student account in the first year a student is eligible to apply for admission (based on completion of grade 12).
  • Subsidy funds for chaperones are distributed to eligible applicants by mail within six weeks of event attendance.
  • All subsidy funds released by cheque will be paid to the person named in the mailing information portion of the form. Subsidy funds held on account will be distributed to the student named at the top of the form. Please use a separate form for each prospective student. Forms will be provided at the KVF or KEW event.
  • Each prospective student is eligible to receive only one subsidy for a campus visit experience. The subsidy is not available for subsequent visits and may not be combined with other offers.
  • Chaperones are eligible to receive subsidy for one campus visit event per academic year.
  • The total pool of money in any given year may be limited and will be distributed on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • Applications may be submitted in person, by email, by fax, or by mail to The King’s University. Application forms will be provided at the KVF or KEW event.